AUGUST 1st - A Suspense Novel

August 1st - Synopsis

Keith Dennis was at the top of his game. He was accepted into law school and works for a prestigious law firm. His girlfriend, a beautiful heiress, is studying to be a physician. Keith used to pray about his future, but now that everything is going like he planned it, why spend quality time with God? Without warning his safe world begins to spin out of control, starting with his father, Wade, a Los Angeles Police Officer, is shot at work and left for dead.

Patricia Glover has it all. She's been accepted into medical school and her boyfriend, Keith, is a handsome, rising star on the fast track to success. Patricia has always lived a charmed life of privilege. Money was never an issue and still wasn't, even after she was kidnapped.

August First Lord, is the son of Storm Lord, the founder of one of South Los Angeles' notorious gangs. August is privileged too, but only within the confines of twenty square blocks. He never dreamed of crossing paths with the likes of Patricia Glover, now her survival depends on the compassion of one of America's most wanted.

This novel is a hold-on-to-your seat thriller, filled with unpredictable turns, humor, and unforgettable characters!

August 1st - A Suspense Novel

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ISBN: 9780083444480