AUGUST 1st - A Suspense Novel

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Just When You Think You No Longer Need God

Beverly Roberson Lofton, in her newest release,

AUGUST 1st - A Suspense Novel, challenges us to think about how comfortable one can get when they feel that they have reached the pinnacle of success. She helps you to see that many people treat God as a part-time lover of convenience and one who can be placed on hold until the next time you need him. And for some, they feel that because of their success, they no longer need to pray because they have arrived.

In this true-to-life, cliff-hanging suspense thriller, Keith Dennis is at the top of his game. He used to pray about his future, but now that things are going like he planned, he sees no need to pray or spend quality time with God. When Keith calls home from out of town to share the good news about his acheivements with his father, who is a police officer, Keith hears a gunshot and the telephone goes silent. The lesson learned in the saga is that success as defined by money, education, and power does not exempt us from tragedies in our life--the late President Kennedy's family being a good example.

Keith Dennis' girlfriend, Patricia Glover, had it all. She was envied by many. Her man was handsome and sucessful. She lived a privileged life. Money was never an issue and still wasn't after she was kidnapped by August First Lord, the son of Storm Lord, the founder of the notorious South Central Gang. Now August Lord is one of America's most wanted, and Patricia's survival is dependent on the compassion of this sought-after criminal.

Real true-to-life lessons are learned when Patricia was making her escape after being kidnapped, because there were many of her race and social clout who could have aided her but did not. A revealing life lesson makes its impact when you see a person who you would think would least likely help you--a criminal of a different race but with a heart of compassion--who rises to the occasion.

What do we learn from this? You never know who may become your "ram in the bush." As the old saying goes, "There is good in the worst of us, and there is bad in the best of us, so it behooves all of us to not think that we are better than any of us."

August 1st is fiction but is quite realistic. You will be reminded of how fragile our lives are as you are held spell-bound by these characters. You will certainly walk away knowing that you always need God. You will laugh and you will cry as you read this book, and ultimately, you will learn about life. This book is guaranteed to lead to some healthly discussion among family and friends.

AUGUST 1st - A Suspense Novel

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